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Could Paris Ever Be Uncool?

I’m pretty much sure that Paris has never really gone out of style. It’s been the inspiration or setting for novels, movies and all forms of entertainment. This past spring, Paris seemed pervasive when David McCullough released his historic The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris, Owen Wilson showed up in Midnight in Paris (schmaltzy!) and Gertrude Stein opened up her marvelous private collection at the SF MOMA. Read more

Happy Mother’s Day! (Now Mail Me the Damn Book!)

You will stroll by this book in the store. Or read its cover and be uninspired. You couldn’t possibly be interested in this book, right? It’s about an indian tribe on Martha’s Vineyard in the 1600s.
Yeah, you’ve been craving one of those, right? Yep, Keep Goin’

The Enduring Greatness of Phillip Roth

A month or so ago, a dinner conversation turned to which authors were going to be the enduring writers of our generation. Who lived while we have lived? Who’s literature will outlive us?

It’s a tough list to build.

But here’s an obvious one: Phillip Roth.
Well, duh. Rock Roth

I still love books

This is the excerpt.

Read more

My SxSW Grand Prize: Awkward Family Photos

I spent less than 72 hours at the infamous South By Southwest conference. Parties, clients, meet ups, panels, booze, BBQs, late, late nights and short conversations.

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Pat Conroy, Oldsmobiles & Coming of Age

It’s hard to say with precision why I love Pat Conroy so much.
He himself admits, he is not a literary giant.
I may even pan writers today that have the same kind of pulpy, page turning novel.

But Conroy feels nostalgic to me, in a way that no other contemporary writer does. His name surfaces time washed images of Oldsmobiles, guess jeans, bad haircuts. Family vacations. Read On…

A Whole New Kind of Midlife Crisis with Michael Cunningham

Yes, the Michael Cunningham of The Hours fame is back. Some may debate whether he is back and ‘better than ever’, but he’s back. And even if he is not better than ever, we’re better for it. By Nightfall is a good read. wait, there’s more

Room. Wow. Creepy.

I’m all for sordid tales about human behavior. I can handle dysfunction, death and depression. But I couldn’t handle Room, by Emma Donoghue. wait, there’s more