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Kindle Extremism = Fear of Hidden Passion?

KindleI keep saying no.
No, no, no.
No Kindle do.

But when I shared this with a friend last week he said: “Aren’t you just scared you are going to love it?”

Am I the third grader being mean to the boy with brown hair…and I have a crush on him? 

No may just not mean no.

I had lunch with an old boss last week. And not only was she singing the praises of the Kindle, it was like she was a paid advocate for this damn thing. “I love the touch of a book. I am a kinesthic person. But I love the Kindle. There is no glare, you can annotate and email it to yourself, you can convert your business documents to PDF, you can curl up on an airplane with it instead of using your tray table, you can…., you can….” Tell me: does this thing make a (Peet’s) latte too for god’s sake?

I had to look up kinesthetic on
Oh I get it now, yes, I love touching my books too.
(If I had written this on a Kindle, you would automatically tap to see a definition of that word. Won’t we be smart) 

But admittedly, I am now on a very slippery slope.
Love gadgets. Love TNBT. So I sneak to View demo. Read comments. Search out user demographics. Download ebook apps from my iPhone.

Oh god, I even envision opening the Kindle for my birthday.
(Are you reading this honey?????)

But my resistance is real, too.
1. I don’t want one more area of my life to take place with a screen. I know there is no glare. But let’s just have a leetle more variety.

2. The thought of my kids pulling their Kindle out of their backpacks on the plane saddens me somewhat. It’s soooo sterile.
(My boss said that her 14-17 year old kids, despite our expectations of them as an online generation, were saying: “Why would I want that??? I like books.” Demographics show Kindle users are looking more like 35+.)

3. I’m a book snob (and shallow?). What will fill my library shelves, my nightstand, what will I show the world on the plane?
 NYT wrote a great article about this.  

The only thing I can be sure about is this poochie isn’t going away.
(Check out the cover of Fortune this month.)


Who’s got one, who will never get one and who’s on the fence????

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  1. The only reason I’d EVER get one is for vacations. Just got back from a trip, and had to lug FOUR books with me. Yes, I did read 4 books on said trip, but before you think I’m bragging, please note that one was a memoir written by Diablo Cody on her days as a stripper. Riveting. Guilty pleasure. Otherwise, Kindle can SUCK IT.

    June 1, 2009
  2. John #

    I’ve got a Kindle and it’s gathering dust upstairs. At first it seemed like it would be really useful for newspapers since the conventional wisdom is they died yesterday, but it’s hard to navigate a newspaper with only “turn page” buttons and it’s next to impossible to skim. On the book front, I tend to read fast and the refresh rate when you turn pages on the Kindle slows you down which makes it inherently unsatisfying. For me, it’s still a solution looking for a problem.

    June 3, 2009
  3. Susan Hopkinson Fishman #

    I would read a blog by very few people…but you happen to be one of them. I am looking to this blog as my secret source of next books as I am book clubless right now.

    As for the Kindle….I love electronic devices and am on the bandwagon everywhere else…but have NO desire to get the Kindle. Who said Kindle can SUCK IT? I agree.

    August 13, 2009

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