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Airport Lifesaver: iPhone Kindle App.

No complaining here.kindle_iphone_controls
Keim kids = A+ travellers.
And the load is getting lighter…no extra underwear, less than 48 crayons and not a sippy cup in sight.This is, as we all know, monumental progress. Amen.   

New strategy: we can generally leave the portable DVD player at home. 

Even on a four hour flight to Chicago, the kids are so happy with the iPhone and the downloaded episodes of Arthur and even wowing them with some old time School House Rock. At 2 minutes a pop, those children are singing Conjunction, Junction faster than that damn drink cart, that’s fer sure. 

But now for my next secret.
If your kids read, the Kindle for the iPhone is just too damn good to pass up.
No, I can’t seem to make up my mind about the real Kindle…but waiting at O’Hare, flight over an hour late–I just decided to give it a go.

Downloaded two Junie B. Jones and a Hardy Boys while I was hiding behind a trash can. Natalie doesn’t miss a trick so I had to be very very very careful. What if the download fails? I can’t face that kind of high stakes melt down. 

So, 1.5 hours into the flight and not yet ready to play the video card, I shake my on-the-airplane-mode-iPhone and taunt: “Who wants to read a new book???? Tyler reads Hardy Books, deftly dragging his finger across the screen as he turns pages. Natalie changes the font to be bigger when it is her turn. They even squeal with delight when they get to a picture page–“It has pictures!”.

I want them to love those physical books.
Revere them even.
But those backpacks weigh 5o lbs by the time they load those puppies up. And airplanes, airlines, air travel call for desperate measures.  

Slowly entering the eBook pool, and the temperature is just fine.

Even if your kids aren’t reading…how cool is it to just read aloud  Skippy Jon Jones while American Airlines tells you for the 3rd time they are expecting the aircraft to arrive from Houston at any moment…. (Liars!)

Kindle for the iPhone at the Apps Store.
This one is a winner. 

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