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Daniel Pink: Wikipedia kicked Encarta’s butt

Two book truths:
1. I don’t usually recommend books I haven’t read. (Trust no one)
2. I don’t spend a lot of time reading business books. (40++ hours is enough)

Coming clean now.
And violating both of these.coverforblog

Daniel Pink, former speechwriter for Al Gore,  is about to put out Drive: The Suprising Truth of What Motivates Us. Peripherally, I have heard amazing things about Pink and his desire for more right-brain thinking in business.

Here’s what did it.
Check out his speech at Ted.
In 18 minutes, he hits a complete homerun.

Okay, okay–maybe it is where I am in my own job quest.
Or that I have some missing connection with how business is designed to motivate me. But I think for those searching for or trying to create a better motivation dynamic at your job–he’ll certainly grab your attention.

Pink describes in a very light, entertaining way why corporate incentives fail to personally inspire us to do better work.

Autonomy + Mastery + Purpose is what we are searching for, not a big fat year-end bonus. In fact, he’ll argue that those big fat year end bonuses are causing a decline in performance. Intriguing.

Putting this one on the Nightstand.

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  1. Katy – So funny to ask for the link so i could read it and find Daniel Pink as the topic. With my KidzArt business we are very into Mr. Pink (although am not familiar with the book you mention). he actually sat in on a KidzArt class and his quote about the experience shows up on all our websites. Also went to ZingTrain a week ago where the fact that money is NOT the motivator was driven home. Ok now on to read some of your other posts…

    November 7, 2009

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