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Death of a Newspaper? Eggers Thinks Not

Just now, I was reading my physical newspaper. (Imagine! A luddite!)

And there it was —Dave Eggers is out to revolutionize newspapers. Well, if not completely to revolutionize them to rethink them. And it’s called Panorama.

There is only one edition and no business plan. Think more of it as a type of performance art–where Eggers has put together journalists, designers and even kids doing movie reviews to reinvent your newspaper.

The central premise is that newspapers have to stake out and claim a territory that the Internet doesn’t own when it comes to news. That is has to be different, and better, in some areas to compete. What a novel idea. It’s what great businesses do everyday….and yet, the entire newspaper industry just wah wah wahs about how they can’t survive. Instead of getting creative.

I will be clear–I don’t love Dave Eggers in that cultish way that others do. Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius was a new and clever voice for the first 100 pages, but then I just got the sense of a sceptical, entitled nuisance. But you have to hand it to him–he continues to reinvent different forms: the literary journal at McSweeny’s, writing skills for kids at 826 Valencia, and the memoir in What is the What. (Brilliant!)

He’s keeping hope alive that those of us who still love the touch and feel of the printed word don’t have to give in (completely) to the Internet.

I am rarely motivated to jump from the couch to my computer.

But I just pre-ordered the 16 dollar, 320 page broadsheet to be delivered on December 8th.

Any of you game????

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  1. carole sinclair #

    I’m rarely motivated to move from the couch to do anything! So thanks for sharing!

    Game on!

    November 26, 2009

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