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The (Emerging) 2010 Book Selections

I covet the end of the year book lists. In fact, I am a sucker at the New Year to read anything that says “Best of 2009”–and happily devoured the People magazine special edition stuck in my stocking.

Maybe I just want to know if what I have read this year was any good in terms of the ‘experts’, and I feel secretly satisfied if my reads make the list. Take this one from the San Francisco Chronicle–top fiction, non fiction and emerging Bay Area writers. Or even the more elite NY Times Best 2009–5 fiction, 5 non fiction.

But it’s overwhelming too. 100 notable books? I want something tighter, more inspiring and more achievable.

What I need is a plan.

So, after some research, personal motivations and snap judgements,  here’s are my book selections for 2010:

1. La Lacuna, Barbara Kingsolver.
My reliable author pick. Poisonwood, Bean Trees, Pigs in Heaven. After a few random titles, glad to welcome her back (like Lorrie Moore!).

2 &3. Bad Mother, Ayelet Waldman &  NutureShock, Po Bronson.
My parenting picks. For fun, learning, humility, and heated debate. Looking forward to hearing Po Bronson speak in January in Oakland.

4. Let the Great World Spin, Colum McCann.
My spontaneous pick. Liked the back cover, the first few pages and seen the title over and over on Best Of lists.

5. Brooklyn, Colm Toibin
My international selection. Won the Costa Award (formerly Whitbreads), overlooked for the Booker.

6. Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone, J.K. Rowling
My children’s pick. I have been stubborn too long. Twins have read a book I have not. It’s time.

7. Too Much Happiness, Alice Munro.
My stories pick. So many collections are a hit this past year. Olive Kitteridge gave me hope–and hey, this won the 2009 Man Booker Prize.

8. The Vagrants, by Yiyun Li.
My hometown pick. Yiyun is in the same school community and I am awed by the first-novel status. Named a notable emerging Bay Area writer.

I guess you could say I am front loading the nightstand…with more to come.

Love to hear what you or your bookgroups have selected for this year…..

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  1. Trust no one? Well I trust you – after all we have a past:) I have so little time to read that I NEED a list like this and better yet from someone who taught me how to use a curling iron:)Looking forward to finding and reading #1 – begin at the beginning right??

    January 11, 2010
  2. katykeim #

    I’m only a few pages ahead of you….so buy it!
    (and btw, I don’t miss that damn curling iron!)

    January 11, 2010
  3. jen wineman #

    i shivered when i read the title’s, it’s so exciting to have a book list. #4 let the great world spin, pg. 113 death by drowning, etc. etc. i loved the phrases on the page, ah the mortality card again.

    January 24, 2010
    • katykeim #

      You are making me anxious to read it. !!!

      January 25, 2010

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