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Donating to Haiti: A Plug For Doctors Without Borders

Of course Haiti is on the minds of all.
It is hard to know where and how to donate to the relief cause when there are so many options available to us. With MLK and the overall sense of service it is meant to foster–this is a great opportunity to do some meaningful.

I was so happy to learn this week that our school had chosen Doctors Without Borders as a selected organization to rally the school community efforts around. (This is a group often compared with Partners in Health created by Paul Farmer and his amazing story of the ground breaking work he has done in Haiti is chronicled in Mountains Beyond Mountains. You’ve heard me mention this book before in my Tracy Kidder post.)

Doctors Without Borders is dedicated to both emergency response and elevating the medical condition of the countries where it works. It began its history of service in Haiti and they have treated over 2,000 Haitians in the last week through makeshift medical facilities.

If you are motivated to learn more about Doctors Without Borders, you can learn more about donating here.

In any case, I thought this helpful advice from our head of school might be useful for families:

Talking About Tragedy:  Teachers are talking with their classes in age-appropriate ways about the situation in Haiti.  As you speak as a family about the earthquake and its aftermath, you may wish to:

    • Ask them what they already know about the earthquake in Haiti, and give them plenty of time and space to talk.
    • Practice active listening by asking relevant follow-up questions.
    • Protect them from too many and too severe images of the quake.  Images are incredibly powerful for all ages, so use your best judgment.
    • Assure them that we are all working hard to help out however we can.
    • Ask them if there is something they would like to do to help: write a card, say a prayer, share a moment of silence together, research an organization to support.

Please post here if you have other organizations you are considering in its relief efforts.

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  1. Regan #

    Actually, Dr Farmer’s group is “Partners in Health”, founded with Ophelia Dahl (Roald Dahl’s daughter), who is the current ED. They are amazing. Doctors w/o Borders is also doing important work in Haiti, apparently. Thanks for sharing kid-talking tips….

    January 17, 2010
    • katykeim #

      My bad! I made the quick leap. I have updated the post to reflect your comments, thanks Re!

      January 17, 2010
  2. I don’t think your readers can go wrong with supporting either Doctors Without Borders or Partners in Health.

    Because of their long history of working in Haiti, their relationships with the Haitian government, and, indeed, their establishing of an innovative medical delivery system there, Partners in Health is definitely well-placed to respond to this disaster. I am also glad to see your recommendation of Mountains Beyond Mountains, a marvelous book that chronicles that organization’s founding.

    Thanks, too, for the talking tips. A former teacher and now a mother, I agree that these tips can apply to talking to all kids – whether students or your own children.

    January 18, 2010
    • katykeim #

      Agreed! Loved to see the similar endorsement on your blog–and indeed, helping through either organization is a great thing.

      January 18, 2010

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