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Writing Isn’t Glamorous: The DIY Book Tour

You can read a lot in the NYT book review.
All of if interesting, illuminating, fascinating….
but, very very rarely, would one call it funny.

Except this, last week: The D.I.Y. Book Tour.

An essay by Stephen Elliot… he highlights in all its glory why being an author isn’t nearly as glamourous as it seems.  That’s a helpful reminder because, well, being an author seems pretty cool. I mean a lot cooler than being the queen bee of business to business marketing (which, I assure you, can be dreadfully boring.)

Elliott decides in the Facebook -and-Twitter-driven-world to create his own book tour for his seventh book, “The Adderall Diaries”. Because everyone is a blogger and critic, why not go to the masses himself?

Forgoing those long, lonely city by city tours, he asks any reader who can offer him 20+ attendees and a comfortable couch to sleep on, to sign on for his do it yourself book tour.

“The people who showed up for these events had usually never heard of me. They came because it was a party at their friends’ house and the friend promised to make those cupcakes they like or was calling in a favor. Nobody wants to give a bad party, and touring this way ensured there would be at least one person other than myself who would be embarrassed if no one showed up. The readings mostly went very long, over an hour with questions, and people didn’t leave. We were often up discussing until 1 in the morning…”

The essay captures very well that rich people might buy more books, but poor college students make for a better discussion. And at the heart of it all….though the book tour wouldn’t be considered a colossal success, you can’t miss the fact that he has truly connected with a real audience.

I can’t say why for sure, but this essay spoke to me.
Yahoo! Every job has its oh so unglamorous underbelly.
What a friggin’ relief.

Anywho,  Elliott struck me as adventurous and authentic.


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  1. yeah this is great, and such a relief for those of us who haven’t ever done one (but fantasize abt it!)

    keep it coming, katy. love this blog


    January 19, 2010

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