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BookSnob in April: Brooklyn by Colm Toibin

Hello, my friends.
It’s time, once again, to get on the same page.

I have a nifty, slender April selection for you.

Brooklyn, by Colm Toibin.

Named a best book of 2009 by The New Yorker, SF Chronicle, and The Seattle Times.
The Sunday Times called it the novel of the year.

Plus, you have me strongly encouraging you.
What more do you need?

As a hat tip to Kristen at Motherese (where I am partnering on her book group in April), here’s a bit more structure to keep you on track:

Part I and Part II will be discussed April 14th.
(A scant 100 pages of reading!)

Part III and IV April 28th.

Grab the book, join us, and let me know below if you are in.

Oh, and I have some goodies in store for those who do…


I know how you BookSnobs love mind candy.
So here is your quiz for this week, courtesy of Sporcle.


And finally, I am well aware that the iPad’s big day is tomorrow.
(Good lord, how can you miss it? Even I am growing weary of the press…)

All I can say is
Isn’t it my BookSnob duty to get this thing in my hot little hands and review it???
Stay tuned.

Enjoy your weekend.


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  1. greenapril #

    I have no idea why, but I heart these quizzes. Another 100%, but I’m a little embarrassed that I knew “Nights in Rodanthe”.

    April 14, 2010
    • I asked another friend about the quizzes….and she said: The quizzes are good because BookSnobs in general know a lot about books. Given your scores, I would say is true. I, fortunately, did a lot better on this one than I did the others…I didn’t know Nights in Rodanthe the book, but I guessed until I got it right (competitive nut).

      April 15, 2010
  2. Patti/Bob Kipp #

    Hi from the Kipps! Had a great time with your folks this weekend and I am looking forward to being part of BookSnob Will forward your site to my “bookie” friends also BookSnob looks like a lot of fun! Maybe it will get reading well Hope you and your family our well Patti/Bob Kipp

    April 19, 2010
    • Hello Kips and welcome! Glad to have you hear, you can subscribe by email on the right hand column of the site and definitely forward it along!!

      April 19, 2010

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