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No Chick Lit Here. Bring Me Some Men.

Lately, I have seen a lot of articles (like here) outlining women’s claim on fiction.

In industry data I’ve seen, they cite 65% of books are bought by women. Okay, got it.
A majority of books are sold to women. I suppose if you broke it down further into sub-categories (fiction, biography, romance etc.), some would decidedly skew even higher to women.

But that’s a majority, not the whole enchilada, si?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this since my nightstands were analyzed. There, many of you shared anecdotes about being ‘fiction widows’, that husbands only read biographies and war histories and business books. Surely, this can’t be true for all?

We’ve learned by now that real men don’t eat quiche.
Are they off fiction now too?

Well, shoot. I missed that.
(I might have to reconsider my hobby.)

Or is it just that the public sharing of reading—the wine drinking, chit chat, and the mystery of the book club—is decidedly a ladies’ activity? Do the men dread the ritual of getting together and publicly processing at a deeper level? Is it too girly?

Look no further than this hilarious Bud Light ad run during the SuperBowl and Final Four:

The best line, of course, when she asks: “Do you like Little Women?”
And he responds: “Nah, I’m not picky.”

Well, bar none, the best book group I was ever in was women AND men. (As a shout out: hey guys, I think you are manly.) The selection of books we picked was broader, the discussion a lot richer, and frankly, I do have to credit the guys with keeping us focused on the task at hand. TT, over dinner, would invariably say: “When the hell are we going to talk about the book?”

Well, that’s a good point.

Left to our own feminine devices, my women’s book group would stray a tad too easily to other ‘critical’ topics.

I talked with a friend last week who was trying to select the new fiction pick for a couples book group. She said it was hard to bring a title because there was such a difference of opinion and everyone ‘always argues once we have read it. No one ever agrees on whether or not it was good or bad.’

Well, Exactly.

Look, I have no scientific research I am going to unveil to say why this is so. I am looking for your opinion: What’s the deal here?

I’m looking for a Few Good Men.

1. Men: (I know you, I see the subscription list) – share your insights. Are we too chick lit?
2. Women: Find me a man. Invite a male reader you know. Any man.

I’m not picky.