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i am what i read

Welcome to BookSnob!

Here’s the truth. Reading is my passion.

Well, you don’t typically light anyone on fire with your deep passion around reading at Friday’s cocktail hour. Its slightly geeky and amusingly intellectual…it’s kind of a secret.

Or so I thought.

Until I started this blog. Now I have comments on the site, plus the emails I receive behind the scenes, a few titles sent to me in the mail (hint, hint), not to mention the deeply intellectual chats we have been having on the sidelines of Little League games.

I know you’re lurking out there.

You’re a closet BookSnob.
You know who you are.

1. What you read is a part of who you are.
2. You’re skeptical of other readers (You smile non committally and say, I’ll try that one).
3. You think the bestseller list is a dubious honor.
4. You get mad at a bad book. Arrggh.
5. You view giving and receiving GREAT books as a reasonable gifting option.

BookSnobs, stand up and be counted.

And people, puhlllease don’t leave me hanging.

  1. This is a totally awsome blog! Love the wit, humor and readability. Does my recommendation of Sir Fartsalot qualify me as a book snob? I hope so. That and my book on Menopause – both are page turners! Keep up the insightful commentary and make yourself public on the Internet – who knows what you’ll get back from the blogosphere?

    May 13, 2009
  2. Lea Agol #

    katy – hilarious. I am not the only one who sometimes wishes that I could just put a book down and walk away with no regrets instead of feeling like I am failing somehow? Even though the book in hand to date sucks. Looking forward to seeing what turns up on your pages for future reading suggestions.

    May 14, 2009
  3. Eve W #

    My turn to breathe a sigh of relief! I was filled with nothing close to wonder over “Oscar’s life” … it has been 6 months and it sits, unfinished, at my bedside. Thank you for finally making me feel OK about shelving this bad-boy (and making me smile while I do it!)

    May 13, 2009
  4. mb #

    Hang in there with Oscar, Ladies. Though our book club almost unanimously disliked the book, the discussion was great. Not surprisingly, the women in the book gave it the gritty complexity it needed to defuse the pitiful passivity of Oscar. It seems nobody likes a victim, but the female characters are worth focusing on.

    Katy – not surprisingly – awesome blog! Happy to have a place where book snobs are brought together. Will pour a glass of wine next time I have pithy and insightful commentary and will settle in for a longer discussion.

    May 15, 2009
  5. Nadia Daniel #

    I don’t know ladies. I’ve decided to embrace my stay at home status by unselfishly sinking myself into every children’s discipline/eating/sleeping/ activity seeking book known while simultaneously expending my energies on addressing the plight of the Mongolian dung beetle in the face of ever increasing globalization…….

    Actually my days are spent reading as many delicious novels that I can get my hands on and trying desperately to get through the morning paper so that I don’t feel overly guilty about my lack of well roundedness. As for books on how to “raise” your kids, I keep thinking my laissez faire attitude will pay off kind of like it has for the global economy.

    Hear hear to the mindless pleasure a good book brings as it takes you away from the vicissitudes of life. Thank you Katy.

    September 24, 2009
  6. hi Katy

    I’m sold. I’m a total book snob and despite the following piece which I’m about to (shamelessly) link to, I’m unrepentant:

    I love the tone of this blog and will definitely stay tuned-I just added you to my RSS feed!


    oh and p.s.-I also love your wordpress “theme”-I keep meaning to change mine from the generic and never get around to it but this is really nice. thx.

    September 28, 2009
  7. Sally #

    So psyched you posted your blog on facebook. You go girl! I spent a good amount of my morning reading your blog (in between handing out motrin to my 3 home from school children with “flu-like” symptoms. yikes) I will definitely pass your link onto my Buffalo Book club – have already made a list of some titles to add to our “need to read” list. I was also going recommend a recent read….Oscar Wao – but then saw your post and comments. I actually loved that book – so modern and full of lol pop culture sci fi references and a DR history lesson to top it off.
    Thanks for sharing Katy – love the blog & will def be back to read more!

    October 21, 2009
  8. carole sinclair #

    It’s always great to start the day with a running buddy and discuss what new book BOOKSNOB posted.

    January 5, 2011
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